Ultimate Guide To Purchasing A Dashcam

A common feature that has been added to motor vehicles in the recent past is a dash camera. A dash camera is a recording device, just like a digital camera, the only difference is the intended use of the footage. For other recording devices, the footage is probably used as a store of memories of events. The use of the dash camera’s footage is to give evidence in the case of an accident or an incidence. That is it records the proceeding of a journey from the start to the end. Therefore, it holds the footage of any incidence along the journey. When planning to buy a dash camera, it is important to know what to look for. Getting information on the best dashcam reviews can of great help when one is shopping. Likewise, below ultimate guide to purchasing a dashcam.

Purchasing a Dashcam

The storage capacitykjcxjzzxjskjsksjskj

Any recording device with a large storage device is preferred to one with little storage capacity. Be sure to ask about the storage capacity of the dash cam. Typically a dash camera is fitted with a micro disc that is used as the storage device. The storage capacity recommended for an ideal dash camera is more than 30GB. Excellent dash camera has a capacity of up to 120GB. Depending on how long you will be traveling and the frequency of the journeys, you may consider an ample storage capacity.

Audio recording capacity

There are instances where the audio of the incidence may be required. Many dash cameras do not have the capacity to record audio proceedings. Others are fitted with the audio recording ability, but it takes up large amounts of storage space. An ideal dash camera records particular types of sounds like gunshots or boom sounds in an accident.

The video quality of a dash camera

Be sure to ask about the image and video of a dash cam recording. The most common dash cam contains video quality of HD780. The best quality in the market is fitted with cameras with a resolution of up to 50magapixel. The camera should also have a wide field of view to capture a range of events. An ideal dash camera should have a 150 degrees field of view. Another aspect of a great camera is the ability to record at night. This aspect is vital considering that most accidents happen at night. Although this aspect of the camera is not common. If you want a camera with the ability to take footages at night, you need to ask for a customized camera.


kldxkjdkdkdkdkkdOther things one should consider is your budget limits. Dash cam comes with different price ranges. Order a dash camera you can afford. Another important aspect of a dash camera is the fitting option. Some dash cameras allow the user to fit them on the dashboard of their vehicles. An ideal place to fit a dash camera is in the windscreen of your vehicle.