Positive Effects Of Technology On Music

Different types of music have existed ever since the only difference is how several artists have been able to creatively effect transition by coming up with various genres of music.With also the evolvement of technology, I tend to explore how its(technological) presence has been able to positively have an effect on music. Click here for the la luz tour dates.

The positive changes brought upon by  technological innovation in the music industry include:


With the presence of hardware and software technologies that has produced online downloading websites such as youtube, i-tunes,  Spotify, SoundCloud…  musicians are now able to quickly spread the word all over on their emerging video. The ease and readiness of being able to upload and spread songs have made it possible for artists to easily gather a large audience.

Unaltered music

The possibility of listening to unaltered music is rare today cause of technology. Musicians are now able to perform songs and with the aid of audio-engineers, have spiced up together note perfect recordings, artificially created reverberant performance spaces and via satellite broadcast, able to project their music sound across the globe.

Live performances

As a result of technology, audiences today are now able to be thrilled by live music performances frequently. The live performances are easily and conveniently accessed free of charge or at a very low cost. This is able through the presence of online and digital technologies that enable that allow music globally to be distributed at a very low cost.Despite geographical separation distance, music fans are able to participate in recorded or live performances via online streaming. It should be noted that online streaming has enabled artists to find a new method of revenue collection.


One man is now able to play music that might require a whole band. This is due to the invention of loop machines and Digital Audio Workstations(DAW’s) such as Ableton Live and Reason. A reason why some known bands have got no drummer as it can be done electronically. Fewer band members imply less cost of management, more convenience and more revenue for an individual member.


Music has now strictly become about ideas rather than how skillfully you can play your instrument because of the existence of Music Instrument Digital Interface(MIDI). With MIDI, any wrong note can be re-adjusted and without any technical skill, create good music.

How music is written


How music is written has also been affected by technology. Generally, writing involves tapping into your subconscious to come up with something creative. Using sound systems attributed to the MIDI keyboard, the sounds used can direct a writer subconsciously on which notes he should use.

As it is seen, technology appears to have resulted into expanded musical creativity and has also created more room for others to join the music industry such as the sound engineers.