Various Information To Get From A Student’s Resources Website

Technology has now enabled students to get information on digital platforms rather than the old noticeboards and books from the library. With just a few clicks on their laptops and phones, they can access rich databases created by IT experts in their schools.

Lecturers are also getting an easy time reaching their students with the right information through similar channels. Likewise, stakeholders like insurance firms, scholarship organizations can also pass great information to the students using online platforms. So what are the various information students can get from such technological advancements?

Various information to get from a student’s resource website

Lecture notes and assignments

fdghgfhfgfhfghgfhgfhLecturers can now easily share the notes they have prepared and lectured on, using the online platforms for students to download and read. Furthermore, they can also share assignments and links to various resources they need the students to access. With such advancements in technology, learning became easier but detailed with better research on projects and assignments. Students can access their assignments remotely and work on them in time.

Course outline

With a students corner designated for a particular course, the lecturers can upload the course outline before the start of the lecture sessions early in the semester for students to plan. It indicates among other things, the ability to the objectives of the course and what students should have achieved by the end of the semester. The time for continuous assessment tests, assignments and main examinations are also indicated there.

The examination results

Days are gone when the students had to go and queue at their department offices or the dean’s office for results. It is now easier to access them online via the school website. Disputes arising from the same like missing marks and wrong marks entry can also be solved through the inquiry bar which even has a provision to attach a prove in a scanned format.

News by stakeholders

fdghgfhgfhgfhgfhOpen source learning websites usually contain information all kind but one targeting the students. Insurance firms starting to provide students with information about their services can use these online platforms. For instance, you can get information about tution refund insurance and Course Hero online from the convenience of your computer or smartphone and make the right decisions.


Students no longer have an excuse that they do not have academic resources or access to it. With state of the art computer centers, even those without personal computers can still get all the digitized information.